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Bill Boyd

Bill Boyd in fighting position

Bill Boyd started studying Martial Arts in 1974. Three short years later, he attained his Black Belt (one of the quickest Black Belt promotions in the Kenpo system). He opened his first studio in Overland, MO in 1977 and has run a world class martial arts studio since. In 1988, he moved to the present location in Maryland Heights, MO. Bill was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his ability in one of the most effective systems on earth, and is one of its charter members.

Bill is a top Kenpo Karate professional and has the experience necessary for a student to attain real life self-defense that can be relied upon. He teaches a wide variety of clients including local TV personalities, professional athletes, and law enforcement officials from around the St. Louis area. He is also currently teaching self-defense to one of the St. Louis' top security agencies, and other professionals whose lives depend on knowing how to deal with life or death. His average student is anyone who is looking for top professional instruction. He has promoted numerous students to the rank of Black Belt. Many of which have gone on to teach Karate professionally through his master tutelage. Many martial arts school owners have Bill to thank for their start and success.