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Wade Blackwell promotion to 3rd degree
Through Wade's hard work and dedication to the art of Kenpo, he has attained a rank few have achieved. Congratulations to Wade Blackwell for earning his 3rd degree Black Belt!

Steve Paige promotion to 1st Black 1st degree Black!!! The journey to Shodan is a formidable and honorable one. Steve worked long and hard for this day. Congratulations on a job well done.

Dave Fischer promotion to 1st Black
Congratulations, Dave Fischer, on earning your 1st Degree Black Belt! His long years of dedication have made him a formidable martial artist.

Nick Frigillana promotion to 2nd Brown
Nick recently earned his 2nd degree Brown Belt. Although he will have to earn his 1st Brown, we look forward to him achieving his Black Belt soon!

Congratulations on your Green Belt!

Justin Green promotion

Congratulations on your Blue Belt!

Noah, Mike, & AJ Blue promotion
Noah, Mike, & AJ

Contratulations on your Purple Belt!

Griffith Purple promotion

Jorden Purple Promotion

Contratulations on your Orange Belt!

Kendrick Orange promotion

Mariah & Marian Promotion
Mariah & Mariam